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With cabal-install

  1. Install/upgrade to the most recent cabal-install version. If you don't already have the cabal executable (the cabal-install package), install it from your distributions package manager or via The Haskell Platform. To upgrade:

    cabal update
    cabal install Cabal cabal-install

    Make sure the new cabal executable is on your $PATH., update symlink if necessary.

  2. Create a new project:

    mkdir myproject && cd myproject
    cabal init
  3. Install ghcid and make sure its on your $PATH:

    cabal v2-install ghcid
  4. Build your project:

    cabal v2-build

With Stack

  1. Install/upgrade to the most recent Stack version, follow the docs here. To upgrade:

    stack upgrade
  2. Create a new project directory:

    stack --resolver=lts-12.16 new myproject
    cd myproject
  3. Build your project:

    stack build

With Nix


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